Summer Yoga Retreat in The Burren

Upcoming Retreat: Friday 18th June to Thursday 24th June 2021.

Come and experience a tranquil yet rejuvenating  Summer break at the Premier Burren Yoga & Meditation Center. This retreat consists of an inviting and uplifting timetable over the week of classes by experienced yoga and meditation teacher Carmel Cronin:

  • Introduction to meditation and deepening of your practice
  • Breathing practices and breath awareness
  • Vinyasa yoga classes
  • Yin yoga classes
  • Yoga Nidra deep relaxation
  • Delicious vegetarian meals
  • Comfortable accommodation at the centre
  • Guided outing on Saturday by an experienced guide
  • Sample local cuisine at a local restaurant or cafe on Saturday
  • Enjoy meeting like minded people in this relaxed friendly environment

Enjoy a stress free weekend of relaxing Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Meditation as well as energising Vinyasa flow yoga, scrumptious veggie food and enjoy local Burren eco walks surrounded by beautiful nature.

As we approach the Summer season this week long retreat will focus on slowly clearing all the stagnation of the long Winter  and Spring months with Vinyasa flow to energise and awaken and strenghten the body and calming Yin and Meditation to de-stress heal and nourish depleated energy stores and frazzled nervous systems.

This retreat is suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness, but will also challenge each person to work with the postures to their own ability.

For further details click here or to book directly with the centre call Dave on 091 637680 or email the centre at