What people are saying about Yoga Zone


Carmel’s classes are always a little oasis of calm and de-stress. She pushes everyone to their individual comfort level while explaining the benefits and background to each pose. So we know why as well as how. She makes great use of props for different abilities so everyone gets the most from her invigorating classes.

I am a secondary school teacher and I have been doing yoga with Carmel twice a week for the past five years. Several of my colleagues also do yoga with her. We love her classes. She is an excellent teacher who manages to combine fun and hard work effortlessly. She caters to all levels of ability and takes great care to adapt the yoga poses to suit each individual student Her yoga makes us not just physically fit but mentally calm. I cannot recommend her classes highly enough

Yoga with Carmel is amazing, I have been going to her classes for a very long time. She has the ability to make a class suit different levels and different requirements, all blend together to achieve a fantastic hour and a half of heaven after a hard day. Many thanks, Carmel, and may you long continue!

I tried the Yin yoga class on Tuesday with Carmel. It was very different from my regular weekly class but the results were equal if not more rewarding. I felt both mind and body really benefited. The overall well-being feeling I had afterward and the following day was, for me, amazing. I recommend you give it a go! You may be pleasantly surprised.

I really enjoyed all the classes I attended over the last couple of years and Carmel's soothing approach is especially welcome in the antenatal class! Did someone say Shavasana?