Restore Balance, release stress and create inner resilience with Kathryn Moynihan.

Move into this Full Moon phase in August with a easy backbend and hips yoga sequence along with some somatic movements to help you sleep better and release stress.

This opening sequence is for the hips, sacrum and lower back, some gentle backbends, some restorative postures. The closing sequence is some somatic movements to release tension in your neck and shoulders and sacrum.

This is suitable for all levels of Yoga practitioner – options will be given. It is designed to be quite calming, but also energetic in its effects. The opening sequence works the entire body, but is particularly effective at opening the hips, shoulders, and sacral areas. This sequence is created for when you are feeling tired or needing a practice, which doesn’t put too much emphasis on the upper body strength or knees.
We end with a meditation practice.

Time: Friday 9th August 7-9:30pm
To book: Carmel 087 9694378
Payment: €25

Restore balance Workshop
Restore balance Workshop