Nikki teaches Ashtanga Yoga.

“I went to my first yoga class many years ago, and although I enjoyed it at the time, it didn’t really take root with me. I went back to it a few years later, and it was the right time for me and yoga. I instantly felt a connection with the practice and I knew that this was the start of a life-long relationship. Since then I have tried many different styles of yoga, and have enjoyed and benefited from them all. But it was only when I began to seriously immerse myself in the practice of Ashtanga yoga that I found a style that resonated with my whole self. That challenged and rewarded me. I realized that yoga was becoming more then a mere past time, it was becoming an integral part of my life, and that the next step for me to take was to become a teacher. I completed Paul Dallaghan’s training course in Thailand, where my love and respect for the Ashtanga tradition was truly sealed. It was also in Yoga Thailand that I was fortunate enough to study under Sri O.P. Tiwari and start my study of the science of pranayama, which forms an important part of my daily practice.”

“I am a dedicatated Ashtanga student and teacher. I have studied under many of the top Ashtanga teachers in the world, including spending time studying under Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India. I commit to studying with my main teacher, Paul Dallaghan every year. As a teacher my classes are in keeping with the tradition of Ashtanga and are thus demanding, because I believe that each student is capable of much more then they realize, and it is through steady, consistent practice that this becomes apparent. In the words of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois,”Practice, practice, practice, all is coming”. I am truly grateful for all that this path has given me, the people I have met and the life that I now lead.”

“And my years of practice stood me well with my new path of motherhood. I have two children, Ali who was born in 2013 and Jai in 2015. Both of them were beautiful home births, and without a doubt my yoga and pranayama practice helped make this possible. Mentally, physically, emotionally, my practice had prepared me for this. So now my yoga practice has taken on a new direction. My daily 2 plus hours of quiet pranayama and asana practice has now transformed into a not quite daily, not so quiet, not so long practice. But it is even more focused, and appreciated so much. It is still ‘my’ time, my practice – even with children literally climbing over me, under me, asking for snacks….But it has deepened my love for the simplicity, the quiet and deeply entered awareness ,that the ashtanga practice offers. And as all around me changes, my mat is still my home.”