SUNDAY NOV 10th 2019 : 11am to 2pm-   35 Euro.

Theme: “Easy like Sunday morning Workshop” , Theme: Head and Neck Ease.


Are you looking for a change in how you move ? You want to move better and feel better? 

The Feldenkrais Method is a highly respected method of Somatic Education which uses gentle movements and directed attention to enhance flexibility, coordination, breathing and emotional well-being.

It is fun and  it can really be a life-changer for you!

In an Awareness-Through-Movement Class the teacher guides a class of people verbally through a sequence of movement explorations that involve thinking, sensing, moving and imagining.

Movements are slow, gentle, novel and exploratory.

Students often experience immediate improvements and enjoy balanced stability.    In Feldenkrais Lessons you get to experience simple, non-habitual movements that you are perfectly able to do, but which you might have forgotten or just never got round to doing.

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Susanne Leutenegger has lived in Cork for 28 years. She trained in the International Feldenkrais Centre in Sussex (GB) for 4 years and has been teaching the Feldenkrais Method in classes and workshops in Cork and abroad for 9 years. She is in a 3 year training in Amsterdam to work with babies and special needs children in the Child Space Method which aims to improve movement at early developmental stages.

Her students come from a wide range of interests and include Tango dancers, special needs children, violin teachers, people with pain, librarians, yogis … all who share a wish to improve how they move are welcome!

Testimonials:  “I like that every Awareness-Through-Movement lesson is unique; every class feels like a mini-adventure. Because I can’t anticipate the next instruction, I have to fully focus on the journey. It feels like a meditation in my body”. Eithne


“When Susanne finally asked us to stand and notice differences compared to the beginning, I was very surprised. I felt refreshed, at ease, upright and at home in myself”. Jacinta