Teacher : Carmel
Price: €15

Yin Yoga is a complement to the strong Yang practice of the standing postures in familiar Yoga classes. Common floor poses are taken, adapted, and held for 3–4 minutes, focusing on the deeper connective tissues, joints, ligaments and balancing energy meridians. This in turn prepares the body for seated meditation practice in a way that the the more Yang styles do not.

With soothing music, aromatherapy and candlelight allow yourself to surrender into internal bliss. Feel the shift from doing to being and enter into a blissful state of harmonious balance.

For most of us, our whole life is run with our Yang energy to the fore. We externalise our awareness to the consideration of others, and to the outer appearance of our bodies. The Yin (feminine) energy is often forgotten. It is essential to our organs,and to our busy minds to give ourselves this kinder, though intense practice. Improve tissue flexibility and joint mobility and balance energetic pathways.
Class is suitable for all.

Book: Carmel 087 9694378  or email info@yogazone.ie

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