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Shoulder Makeover- A Yoga Tune Up® workshop

When: 28th May 2017

Time: 10.30am- 1pm

Are you more mobile than your mobile?
Fingers that crunch and shoulders that hunch over technology for multiple hours a day can bring the healthiest person out of balance and into place of injury and pain. This workshop offers a new understanding of your shoulder anatomy through exercises derived from classical yoga, deep tissue massage, somatic movement and therapeutic conditioning. You will explore corrective exercises that will awaken healthy movement patterns, build a “new normal” in your body and even help you customize poses to fit your own unique architecture.Learn how to rewire your entire upper body from daily computer, touch screens and chronic phone use. Step out knowing how to unlock your shoulders, elbows and wrists as you recondition your body from your upper back all the way down to your fingertips!

Facilitator : Dagmar Khan
Dagmar Khan is a leading movement educator and stress management specialist who helps people live better in their own bodies. From professional athletes to those exhausted with chronic pain & stress, to everyday people with sports and repetitive injuries, she creates first-class programming to outstanding performance and pain-free wellness.

Dagmar regularly presents self- care programming in universities, fitness centers and medical facilities, runs successful online health advice and trains mind-body professionals to embrace self-care into their movement protocols.

Dagmar is the creator of STRES-LESS: REDUCE ANXIETY & RESTORE EMOTIONAL BALANCE; she is contributing fitness expert to Beat 102 103, and her work has been featured on Yoga Tune Up®, Independent, Regenerate, Irish Swimmer, Dublin City FM, StressNoMore, Munster Express and Waterford News & Star.

For more information about her upcoming book, seminars and online courses, visit www.dagmarkhan.com

Investment: €30 before 20th May/ €35 after

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