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Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre Yoga weekend retreats and yoga holidays all year round suitable for complete beginners to advanced. Guided outings in the Burren hills and by the sea and amazing vegetarian food.


When: Sun 20th May 2018
Time: 6 – 8pm
Cost : 20 euro
Teacher: Susi Cornally Bale

If you haven’t experienced a healing Gong session you may be in for a great treat. It is a very unique and pure experience that is different every time one has a session.

Everything in the universe is vibrating at one level or another. The gong has many subtleties of tones and undertones making its resonance comparable to no other instrument. Through the ages it has been approached with reverence and respect and has been considered a sacred instrument able to channel a piece of the divine. The Gong originated nearly six thousand years ago in Samaria – in the land that is now Iraq – and continues to be used in the Buddhist religious tradition. The Gong is an idiophone, i.e. it resonates with the whole of it’s’ being, producing many harmonics from its fundamental tuned note.

“The sound of the gong is the one thing that can supersede and command the human mind” Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga.

To relinquish our mind for even a moment is pure relaxation. It allows all the stresses to fade and peace ensues.

Much healing takes place during these sessions. On many different levels from physical to spiritual. Any issues, memories or fears that need addressing can arise and clear through these sounds. The fears fade as the sound vibration does, giving one a great nights sleep afterwards and a refreshed mind by morning.

It is an excellent treatment for a whole range of issues from anger to fatigue, dealing deeply with emotional blockages that may cause illness if left unexplored. Stress and depression are also relieved.

This session is in the spirit of Kundalini Yoga and in each session we commence with light breath work, stretching and yoga postures from this tradition to prepare the body and nervous system to gain the highest benefit from the experience. This grounds us and prepares us properly while at the same time creating a safe environment to relinquish and surrender to the experience.

We experience the Gong lying down preferably in Sivasana, a deep relaxation pose of Hatha Yoga. Eye pillows over our eyes, comfortably covered and we begin to dive deep down into ourselves….

Kundalini Yoga
“Kundalini Yoga is the master science of experience and awareness. It is a Raj Yoga which awakens you inside” so said Yogi Bhajan, The Master of Kundalini Yoga, responsible for bringing this Yoga style to the West.

In eastern symbology the serpent represents energy, essence, awareness, rejuvenation and the play of the spirit. As the serpent is the symbol of Kundalini energy these qualities are at the core of this type of Yoga.

Kundalini energy is energy that flows and sustains all aspects of our system. It is the fundamental energy flowing inside of ourselves. Since it is the energy of awareness, wherever that energy flows is where our awareness will follow.

There is a vast amount of Kriyas ,a series of postures, and meditations available in this tradition. These Kriyas are designed to work with every area of our bodies and systems (Nervous, Glandular, Respiratory, Immune, Circulatory, Sexual, Digestive systems and more). They are also designed to work on our various traits and characteristics (Intuition, Willpower, Divine Intelligence, Security, Confidence, Grace, Inner Strength and more). There are also Kriyas to help and heal specific diseases and ailments.

Different Kriyas and Meditations are explored in each class following a specific layout designed by the teacher to address certain areas or traits.

Each class begins by tuning into oneself and our state of consciousness on that day. This is done with the help of chanting. Then a warm up follows, and then the main body of the class explores a Kriya, a set of postures in a strict order that have been passed down through time for certain effects, followed by a relaxation to let all the benefits integrate in the body and mind. The class ends with a meditation. An average class length is 90 minutes, though it can be tailored to shorter or longer time periods.
The workshop lasts 2 hours ,from 7 pm until 9 pm, and is 20 euro

Contact Carmel on 087 9694378 OR Susie on 087 9852786 , info@yogazone.ie
satsusie@gmail.com to book in .