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Trainings & Workshops

Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre Yoga weekend retreats and yoga holidays all year round suitable for complete beginners to advanced. Guided outings in the Burren hills and by the sea and amazing vegetarian food.

Sacred Gong Healing Workshop

When: Fri 16th June 2017
Time: 7 – 9pm

Cost : 20 euro

This session is in the spirit of Kundalini Yoga and in each session we commence with light breath work, stretching and yoga postures from this tradition to prepare the body and nervous system to gain the highest benefit from the experience

We experience the healing Gong lying down preferably in Shavasana, a deep relaxation pose of Hatha Yoga. Eye pillows over our eyes, comfortably covered and we begin to dive deep down into ourselves….

Much healing takes place during these sessions. On many different levels from physical to spiritual. Any issues, memories or fears that need addressing can arise and clear through these sounds. The fears fade as the sound vibration does, giving one a great nights sleep afterwards and a refreshed mind by morning…..

To Book: Carmel 087 9694378   info@yogazone.ie