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Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre Yoga weekend retreats and yoga holidays all year round suitable for complete beginners to advanced. Guided outings in the Burren hills and by the sea and amazing vegetarian food.

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YOGA – LATES Yoga and Pilates are natural soul mates, read more…

Yoga and Pilates are natural soul mates. Pilates exercises and Yoga postures develop healthy breathing, flexibility and concentration, and also provide a mental focus and release that is challenging yet rejuvenating. This fusion of Yoga and Pilates, Yoga-lates, is a creative way to explore and enjoy the core strength, and alignment benefits of Pilates with the energy balancing and therapeutic effects of Yoga.Pilates focuses on developing core strength, toning and aligning the entire body. It can also protect the body from future injuries, and works to enhance and maximise the potential of the physical body in a way that is safe and sustainable.

Yoga incorporates the deeper aspects of harmony and balance between body, mind and spirit in a way that is deeply healing and transformative on all levels. The combination of the two is therefore highly complementary and beneficial. Pilates and Yoga share some exercises, but for the most part the exercises/postures are different. This class therefore has a mix from each discipline and is appropriate for people new to Pilates and/or Yoga, as well as those who would like to integrate their prior experience.

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