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Stress-Less: Reduce Anxiety & Restore Emotional Wellness

DATE: 3rd Oct 2015 TIME: 2pm-5pm Most of us can easily accelerate from zero to sixty in a heartbeat, but do you know how to “decelerate” from sixty to zero just as fast? From the soles of your feet to … Continue reading

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THE ROLL MODEL® METHOD-The Science of Rolling

When: Oct 4th 2015 Time: 10 am to 6pm Put the power of self-massage into your own hands in this training that empowers you to personally adopt and also teach simple and effective self-care regimens. The YTU Therapy Balls can … Continue reading

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Yin Yoga Teacher Training Level 2: Mindfulness Module

Yin Level 2: Mindfulness module When: Nov 5th to 8th 2015 Time: 10 am to 5pm Building on Josh’s popular Foundation module Yin & Meditation level 1, this immersion emphasizes the practice and teaching of mindfulness meditation within the discipline … Continue reading

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